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Creating the Digital story of Retail Separation in the Water Sector

- 23 November 2017

Supported by , London

"Through the lens of keynote presentations and an interactive workshop on the 23 November, the Service Innovation Technical Committee explored perspectives on water sector market opening from April 2017. Literally as you are reading this the digital story 'Opening the Water Market: a Conversation' is working its way through the 'cutting room' and should be hot off the press early next month - keep watching this space! We'll also be releasing a film of the keynote presentations, to complement the presentations that are already available below. Finally, a paper synthesizing the what, when, why and what next since market opening took hold will be presented at the Water Efficiency Conference in Aveiro - register now!"

- Dr Sarah Ward, Chair of the Service Innovation Technical Committee

This event, organised by the Service Innovation Technical Committee, was designed to take stock of what has happened so far and to allow participants to help construct a visual/graphical account (digital story) of the anticipated effects in the water sector in the short, medium and long-term.


The day began with an introduction by  Martin Shouler (who had literally just landed from an overnight flight from Nepal)  our grateful thanks to Martin and Siraj Tahir for their invaluable assistance in the making of this story.

  • The first keynote speaker - Lois Valley (Water Retail & Utility Week) began with a presentation entitled "The Water Retail Market - 236 Days Later"  detailing what progress had been made since April 2017 and how we can move forward [Presentation]
  • Trevor Nelson of Business Stream then gave his view of "Business Stream's Journey to the English Market" [Presentation]
  • Aaron Burton of Waterwise then concluded the morning's presentations with his presentation entitled "Delivering Water Efficiency in Retail Competition" [Presentation]

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session where delegates were invited to pose questions to the panel - consisting of the three keynote speakers and Martin Shouler.

After an opportunity for everyone to network during lunch - the afternoon workshop sessions began with everyone split into two groups.  The workshop discussions were recorded and will form a digital story available in the New Year.   The photograph above shows the first challenge of the afternoon which was to create a resilient water supply for a town.

...the digital story of retail separation is the water sector is just beginning and we all await the next chapter.