About the WATEF Network


Water sustainability, alongside climate change, is at the forefront of global concerns. The Watef Network was a novel initiative which took an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems of unsustainable water consumption in the built environment.

The network provided a forum to collaboratively explore the supply, treatment, distribution, risk monitoring, improved efficiency and conservation of water within the built environment. It also investigated the challenges to improving the adaptive capacity of building users, providers and professionals and consequently facilitate long-term, adaptable water efficiency through behaviour change and the use of technology.

The network:
  • Promoted independent, multi-disciplinary water efficiency research within the academic community
  • Transfered knowledge between academia, policy makers and regulators, third sector organisations and the building and water industries
  • Contributed to the evidence base for water efficiency and resilience by building on existing knowledge developed by the water industry, government and delivery bodies and academia


  • Supported the dissemination and promotion of water efficiency in the broadest remit.
  • It organised a bi-annual water efficiency conference.
  • The network also organised meetings, workshops, and master classes to inspire water efficiency research and knowledge transfer.