Andrew Tucker: Water and Energy


Andrew is the Water Efficiency Manager at Thames Water.   His key roles will be to ramp up the delivery of water savings programme across domestic and commercial customers.  This will be in parallel to metering and bespoke demand management initiatives.  For the past four years, Andrew has been the Water Strategy Manager for the Energy Savings Trust.  Working to integrate and drive water efficiency through the UK energy efficiency and carbon reduction agendas, and advise on water sector delivery programmes.  Andrew's focus areas include existing and new housing stock, water policy, water and energy efficiency behavioural change, and bringing together energy and water sectors for mutual benefit to the resident.  Andrew has been responsible for introducing the Water Energy Calculator, designed to provide personalised water, energy, carbon and money savings from water efficiency for UK housing stock.  Prior to Energy Savings Trust Andrew was Principal Policy Officer at the Greater London Authority.  Andrew has also worked in the Australian mining industry as an Environmental Advisor, within coal and base metal mining and processing operations.