Study Trip 2020: Hamburg

"Hamburg's historic label, ‘The gateway to the world’, might be a bold claim, but Germany’s second-largest city and biggest port has never been shy. A leading light in the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages, Hamburg became a centre of international trade, a legacy that continues today: it remains one of Germany's wealthiest cities and Hamburg’s maritime spirit still infuses the entire city. It's the sort of city where echoes of the city's port and history are everywhere, from the incessant cry of gulls overhead to the vibrant neighbourhoods awash with multicultural eateries, seaward-facing architecture and the gloriously seedy Reeperbahn red-light district."

Study Trip 2020: Hamburg

This event has now been cancelled.

We will be learning about the innovations in water conservation and management being pioneered here in some of the newest districts in Hamburg, as well as exploring the historic waterworks at Kalthofe, finishing with a tour of the city by boat.  The event is led by our Water Reuse & Surface Water Management technical committee.

The tour will cost around £450, including two nights hotel accommodation, meals and tours, but does not include flights or transfers to the city of Hamburg itself.  Payment in advance is required.

Please express your interest in this trip by registering before Friday 21 February.


Visit to Hamburg Water Company (Hamburg Wasser)

HAMBURG WASSER is the water and wastewater specialist for the city of Hamburg, providing both water and wastewater services through one company.  
The Innovative HAMBURG WATER Cycle®

The HAMBURG WATER Cycle® (HWC) concept provides a holistic approach to both the energy supply and sanitation needs in urban areas. In this approach, the complimentary areas of water and energy infrastructure become interdependent, simultaneously protecting water resources and utilizing wastewater to produce energy. Thus, it is possible to close the material cycles directly in the residential environment. 
The most critical component of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® is the separate treatment of the different wastewater streams, the so-called partial flow treatment. Stormwater, wastewater from the toilet, and wastewater from the kitchen and bathroom (when washing hands or using the washing machine for example) are separately collected and then separately treated. Read more 

We are hoping to visit the Jenfelder Au, the first neighborhood in Hamburg where the HAMBURG WATER Cycle® will be incorporated into newly constructed buildings. The neighborhood, which also incorporates other efficient approaches for energy production, comes very close to fully fulfilling the vision of a neighborhood with a completely self-sufficient energy supply.  Read more

Wasserkunste Kaltehofe 

For almost 100 years, the slow sand filtration plant on Kaltehofe supplied the Hanseatic city with clean drinking water. Only a few minutes from the center of Hamburg, the Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe today combines industrial monument, museum and natural park.  Read more

Currently Europe’s largest inner-city development project, HafenCity is a blueprint for the development of a European city on the waterfront.

On an area of 157 ha, a lively city with a maritime air is taking shape, bringing together workplace and residential uses, culture and leisure, tourism and retail facilities. What sets it apart from other major international urban waterside development projects is the area’s very central location and the high expectations of quality reflected, for instance, in its fine-grained mix of uses, standards of urbanity and ecological sustainability, and its innovative development process.

The intensive interaction between land and water can also be regarded as unique, for HafenCity is neither surrounded by dikes, nor cut off from the water. With the exception of the quays and promenades, the whole area will be raised to between 8 and 9 m above sea level. The concept of building on artificial compacted mounds (warfts) lends an area once dominated by port and industrial uses a new, characteristic topography, retaining access to the water and the typical port atmosphere, while guaranteeing protection from floods. Read more

One place on the tour will be offered free of charge to a PhD student - please apply by emailing us at info@watefnetwork explaining how the trip will benefit you. 
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