Water efficiency in the Community

Water efficiency messaging

Water efficiency messaging

Messaging Launch at The Water Festival in Lewes

The Network wishes to understand what encourages people and families to be more water efficient.

What message will catch people's attention? What will make them think about their water usage?

The Water Efficiency in Buildings Network was invited to showcase its activities at the  Festival of Water in Lewes, East Sussex on the 23rd June 2013. The Network took this opportunity to launch its water messaging programme and held a Water Savings Competition for kids to help us find out which messages will catch people's attention and make them think about their water usage. The best messages were voted for by the Network members. Congratulations to the winners:

1st:  Have a care because water is rare (Isabel Loader)
2nd: When you want it to flow, make it slow (Solomon Aston-Field)
3rd:  Go with the flow - save water (Flora Loske-Page)

The enthusiasm shown for water efficiency by children and adults was encouraging. Children also completed a short quiz where they advised if a sentence indicated wasteful water usage or a savings by only using what was necessary. They also considered the water cycle and who and what is dependent on water. Family members joined in too. Considering questions and messages with regards to water reminds people to think about their water usage.

By involving the public to consider the "right message" to attract the general public's attention, the Network aims to encourage individuals and communities to think about their water usage.

There may be opportunities for Network members to be involved with communities and assist the Network in moving forward with messaging to increase water efficiency.

Railway Land Wildlife Trust 25 year celebration: Lewes Town Hall, 8 November 2013 
Watef was invited to exhibit at the 25 year celebration. Free water saving goodies from South East Water were handed out, as well as the survey for the Water Use in Homes Study.