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Public membership is freely available to any individual interested in water efficiency that would like to join the conversation. This basic membership provides only information and updates about water efficiency in buildings. These accounts are automatic and you will need to click on an activation link in the email you receive immediately after registration. Current public/basic members can contact us at any stage if they wish to upgrade to full membership.

Network membership offers additional resources and is open to individuals, groups, institutions and organisations that are interested in water efficiency. These Full or ‘Pro’ members get the full benefit of the network including the ability to instigate and lead on events, contribute to the network programme, champion subjects, represent the network, be sponsored to attend events by and on behalf of the network, free or subsidised access to events etc. The full Network membership accounts will need to be moderated for approval. Approved members will be added to our membership page.
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Participation in the University of Brighton’s Water Reuse and Efficiency in Buildings Network Initiative ("Network")

The Network provides a forum to explore the supply, distribution, risk monitoring, improved efficiency and conservation of water within the built environment.

By participating in the Network, you hereby agree to and accept the following terms:

  1. Not to utilise or share in whatever form or format information and research outputs received from and presented by other members of the Network in good faith, without the prior written consent of the concerned member, unless the information and research outputs are already in the public domain, independently developed or required by law to be disclosed.
  2. Not to utilise or share, for whatever purpose, information and research outputs developed by the Network prior to the official release of the information and research outputs into the public domain, unless required to do so by law.
  3. Not to disseminate information and findings, case studies or any other materials obtained and circulated among the members during any of the Network meetings before it is officially released into the public domain.
  4. That these obligations of confidentiality shall continue in force for a period of five (5) years from the date of the first Network’s meeting.
  5. That all documents and materials generated by any of the members of the Network for the Network shall be owned by and vested in the member of the Network who has generated these documents and materials. If two or more members of the Network have generated a document, they shall be joint owners. In any case, all members of the Network shall grant the University of Brighton and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affaires (DEFRA) a royalty-free, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use all documents and materials generated by any of the members of the Network for the Network.

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