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British Online Casinos That The Gambling Commission Prohibits in the UK.

The UKGC can ban any real money online casino in United Kingdom. When you are going to entertain online, and especially when you intend to pay for this pleasure, it is quite important to feel secure and protected. With the widespread accretion of online casinos, the level of fraud also began to creep up. Of course, there was also a positive gaming experience, where users received considerable winnings, win real cash, and also received real pleasure and excitement during the games. However, in order for UK players to truly relax, enjoy playing at online casinos, each public casino site must be licensed and regulated. This will eliminate almost any risk of being fooled, as well as enable win real money in the territory of the online space of the United Kingdom.

About the United Kingdom Gambling Commission

This regulation of entertainment services on the Internet became possible by the formation of the UKGC. It is based on the provisions on the law of the 2005th year about the distribution and security of UK gambling games.

Program Goals and Activities

According to the words of the UKGC leader, the commission’s methods will allow spending time on slot sites and make online UK casino safe and secure. The commission's action is based on interaction with software providers. They are obliged to prevent situations in which users of unreliable online gambling games, mobile slots, and similar entertainments can get into unpleasant situations or become a victim of fraudulent activity.
Also, according to the statements of the commission, their actions help protect children. Access to a variety of games and visiting casino sites is possible only after confirmation of reaching the specified age (18 or over). This also applies to broadcast video slots on sites as a demonstration.
The main objectives of the program are to:
  • Stimulate users to play responsibly;
  • Prevent possible crime and rule out a negative outcome even before the user starts playing;
  • Ensure psychological and material protection of minor citizens and exclude unlawful effects on other psychologically vulnerable persons;
  • Support for play online casino games under the full warranty of user terms and conditions.

Why It Is Necessary and Useful for Every Person?

How inclined are you to trust online services? How often do you check the reliability of the service and how does this happen? Unfortunately, thanks to modern capabilities, it is very difficult to verify the reliability of an online gaming service. Most often, the user understands his or her mistake when he/she wants to get own winnings, but none of the withdrawal methods work.
In order to prevent such situations from happening, now, thanks to the UK gambling commission, every real money online casino is obliged to indicate on the site the presence of a license to conduct online activities using real cash. Thus, the user will be confident in the possibility of win real before starting playing online casino games.
What is more, the UKGC is going to prohibit the usage of credit cards to make bets. The reason for the initiative is in fact that some users, being exited by easy-earned money, are completely unable to stop at the right moment. This leads to exceeding the credit limit, and further playing on borrowed funds which harm the user first.

Why Some Casinos Can Be Not Available in the United Kingdom?

According to the decree on the safety of users of gambling sites, in particular, online casino games on the territory of the UK online, all gambling games that are not confirmed by the commission can be blocked. This situation is due to the lack of a license for certain online casinos.
    The license is obtained by sites on which:
  • Terms and conditions privacy of customers is respected;
  • Site technologies meet international standards;
  • The software provider complies with the requirements of the gambling online industry.
This license confirms the reliability of the service that provides entertainment services, such as online video poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc. All sites that are licensed are on the UKGC and trusted affiliate resources list such as the SevenHeaven's rating. This guarantees a 100 percent payment of any win money. Therefore, if the casino talks about the possibility of playing real money, then you get real money safely.
The license is a legal guarantee that your time spent at one of the best casino sites from the UKGC list will carry only positive emotions and user rights will be protected by privacy and cookie policy. As part of this task, the organization has already blocked several institutions and ordered them to pay huge fines. Here are a few real cases.
  • Daub Alderney is required to pay 7.1m GBP as a penalty.
  • Casumo was a little luckier and their fine is 5.85m GBP.
  • The Videoslots turned out to be the most law-abiding among violators and were required to pay only 1m GBP of financial punishment.
  • CZ Holdings was also stripped of its license.
Also, for users who cannot control their own excitement, it is recommended to READ TIPS on how to play casino games safely on begambleaware. This is a service, which will help to find out the most optimal cash or time limits spent in casino games slots before the start of the game. You will be protected not only from scammers but also from yourself.

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