Conference 2013 Proceedings

Research Symposium delegates [Download]

Key note lecture: Water efficiency in an era of weather extremes: Prof David Butler, University of Exeter [Link]                 

Selected papers accepted by: Journal of Biourbanism and Journal of Water Supply, Research and Technology-AQUA

 Paper Title
 Presenter / First author
New directions in understanding household water demand [paper] [presentation]
Dr Martin Pullinger, Lancaster University
Water efficiency as a means of reducing carbon emissions in Northern Ireland (NI)Water [paper] [presentation]
Dr Beatrice Smyth, Queen's University Belfast   
Investigation of fixture uses and estimation of saving water in the toilet of office buildings [paper] [presentation]
Prof Saburo Murakawa, Hiroshima University
The sustainable management of surface water at the building scale: UK and Spanish case studies [paper] [presentation]
Dr Sue Charlesworth, Coventry University
Greywater characterisation before and after filtration at the University of Reading; early observations on the potential feasibility for greywater collection at the campus [paper] [presentation]
Qasim Akhtar, University of Reading
Evaluation of a silver-ion based purification system for rainwater harvesting at a small-scale community level [paper] [presentation]
Ilan Adler, UCL
Rainwater harvesting for domestic consumption in Bangladesh  [paper] [presentation]
Dr Ifte Choudhury, Texas A&M University
Towards monitoring water consumption and technology performance in buildings  [paper] [presentation]
Dexter Robinson, University of Brighton
The potential of saving water strategy for reduction of CO2 emission in building design [paper] [presentation]
Dr Cheng-Li Cheng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Supply and demand of potable water in Australia and the UK - how climate change can affect the distribution of potable water supply  [paper] [presentation]
Lee Callaghan, Barhale
A comparative study of attitudes and preferences for water efficiency in homes [paper] [presentation]
Jean Balnave, University of Brighton
Panel discussion: Innovation for water efficiency, who, what, why? [presentation]
Prof Saburo Murakawa, Hiroshima University
Drivers and barriers to the adoption of water footprinting in UK publishing industry [paper]
Dr James Jenkins, University of Hertfordshire
Distributed demand and the sociology of water efficiency [paper] [presentation]
Dr Alison Browne, University of Manchester
An investigation into the carbon credits associated with the popularization of water-saving residential fittings [paper]
Kanako Toyosada and Yasutoshi Shimizu, TOTO Ltd
Water efficiency and the Green Deal Andrew Tucker, Energy Savings Trust
The use of the water element in the energetics of Micro-urban development in Slovak Republic and Taiwan R.O.C.  [paper]
Stefan Tkac, Technical University in Kosice and Chung Hua University
Improving equity in intermittent water supply systems [paper]
E.A Ameyaw; F.A. Memon; J. Bicik, Centre for Water Systems