Introducing REDAWN

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REDAWN: Reducing Energy Dependency in Atlantic area Water Networks

The WATEF network is part of a research consortium of European partners working on the  REDAWN project.

The water industry is the 4th most energy intensive sector in the Atlantic area, responsible for significant contributions to climate change and reductions in competitiveness due to the associated costs.

REDAWN brings together 15 partners from 5 countries with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of water networks through the installation of innovative micro-hydropower technology. This technology will recover wasted energy in existing pipe networks across irrigation, public water supply, process industry, and waste-water network settings.

The project will pilot its new technology in three demonstration sites across the EU: In the irrigation sector in Spain, the industrial sector in Portugal, and the drinking water sector in France.

The first demonstration site in the irrigation sector is now live, with the next two sites expected to come online shortly.

Watch a short infographic film about the REDAWN project here

This project is co-financed  by  the  European  Regional  Development  Fund  through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.


REDAWN Partners

Action Renewables, Trinity College Dublin, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira, EDA Renováveis, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, Northern Ireland Water, Water Efficiency Network (University of Bath), Hidropower Ltd, Renova, Asociación Feragua de Comunidades de Regantes de Andalucía, Universidad de Córdoba, Parceria Portuguesa para a Água, Fundacion Asturiana de la Energia, Syndicat Mixte de Production d’eau potable du Granvillais et de l’Avranchin.