Special Sessions

Digital Water Futures Dialogue
Chair: Sarah Ward

Lead author on a recently submitted, state-of-the-art journal paper on re-socialising digital water transformations, Claire will guide us in an interactive session exploring a range of perspectives on this emerging and challenging area, which requires us all to reflect on the nature of our digital interactions.

  Claire Hoolohan
University of Manchester, UK

Claire is a Presidential Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester, specialising in sustainable consumption, food systems, water demand management and climate change mitigation. Her research examines the connections between consumption and whole systems, to understand opportunities for sustainable futures and she collaborates with businesses and policymakers to support sustainability transitions.


Resilience and Integrated water management: A call to action

The subject of water resilient cities has become ever more important after worldwide drought and especially near miss of the day zero in Cape Town. But resilience regarding flooding aspects is equally important in the UK. Therefore, integrated water management is a key component combining water reuse technologies with Sustainable Urban Drainage methods (SUDs). Water reuse covers technologies such as rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling. These can play an important role in SUDs to reduce the volume of water in combined sewer systems that are already not able to cope with larger rainfall events in many cities. This thought provoking, interactive session will explore the different contexts in the UK.  We will ask why isn’t more happening to improve water reuse in the UK, and what could a creative solution look like? Four panellists will give their views in lightning style presentations, followed by a live discussion with members of the audience. The aim of this session is to create a clear call to action for policy makers.

Lutz Johnen

Lutz has 20 years of experience with rainwater & greywater systems and was Export manager and director of a German systems manufacturer for 10 years before moving to London and founding Aquality. He is a Member of the British Standard Committee for rainwater harvesting & greywater recycling. Currently representing the UK on the European Standard for the same subject. He was Chairman of UKRHA (UK Rainwater Harvesting Association) for 3 years and Member of UKRHA, Fbr (German rainwater association) and ARCSA (US rainwater association) as well as IFEP (French rainwater association). His specialties are consulting on non-potable water management; design, supply and service of rainwater harvesting, greywater, cooling tower water recycling systems; and combination with attenuation, soak away systems and similar.

Lydia Makin

Lydia is Policy and Projects Manager at Waterwise. She previously held the role of Water Efficiency Supervisor at Welsh Water and is a graduate of Welsh Water’s Operational Management Graduate Scheme. She has a First-Class Degree in BSc Environment and International Development from the London School of Economics and is Prince 2 and ILM Level 3 Qualified.

Peter Henley

Peter is an experienced technical specialist in buried assets, busy identifying and developing new and exciting techniques to undertake condition assessment, maintain and repair pipelines to provide clients with significant operational and capital cost savings.

Mike Farnsworth

CEO of Stormsaver Ltd, Michael Farnsworth is well renowned in the rainwater harvesting industry, having designed the first UK manufactured rainwater harvesting solution. Over the last decade and a half, he has pioneered new concepts, ground-breaking designs and developed a passion for water conservation. Together with the Stormsaver team, Michael has been passionate about raising money for the Company's chosen charity, WaterAid.