2018 Conference Summary

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Keynote presentations*

Professor Carlos Borrego                              
Climate Change, Heat Waves and Water Stress: time for change 

Professor Francisco Nunes Correira
Principles of Water Resources Governance
Professor Francisco Arregui 
New trends in high frequency water demand monitorization and analysis: Experiences and challenges 
Session 1:  Local, regional and global case studies and good practice and innovation in water supply and treatment:

Fernanda Rodrigues
Risk management in water supply networks
Catarina Lúcio
Complexity-balanced method for urban scale rainwater harvesting simulation
Eran Friedler  
Assessment of the national water and energy saving potential of greywater reuse – Israel as a case study 
João P. Ribau 

Optimization of a water supply system using genetic algorithms 
Amber Garnett                                
Residential water use in New Zealand

Session 2: Customer and user innovation:

James Jenkins                            
Public awareness of and attitudes towards water use and its conservation 
Kaiming She
Thermal and flow distribution of showerheads as a method for understanding water user preferences
Vitor Sousa
Showerheads experience: Statistical analysis of the individual behavior of the users
Sarah Ward
Non-household market opening in the English water sector: a step closer to service innovation?
Session 3: Capacity building for climate and environmental change:

Carla Pimentel-Rodrigues
Urban resilience to climate change. The role of water efficiency
Fredrick Mbanaso
End-of-life of a Sustainable Drainage System: Assessment of Potential Risk of Water Pollution through Leaching of Metals
Paulo Palha
Green Roof Policies for stormwater retention in cities around the world -  A Literature Review
Susanne Charlesworth                              
Water efficiency and drainage in challenging environments

Session 4: Environment and water infrastructure systems

Victor Katayama         
Building-integrated waste water recycling: from toilet water to salads
Djordje Mitrovic                                                                    
Hydropower energy recovery in water pipe networks: spatial regression analysis using GIS, assessing the correlation between energy recovery potential and geographical data
Mariana Simao             
Energy recovery using PAT
Session 5: Water governance and policy and smart and resilient cities

Lutz Johnen                             
Unfair water charging in the UK?... or why Germany is ahead in SUDS
James Jenkins
Attitudes, Behaviour, and Engagement Toward Water Consumption and Conservation in a Higher Education Setting
Kourosh Behzadian
Resilience Analysis in Integrated Urban Water Systems

Teresa A. Paço                                   
Green roof design techniques to improve urban water management under Mediterranean conditions
Session 6: Water in nature: hydrology, land use, low and high peak trends etc. and water quality, reuse and recycling
Paul Wills 
Development of low-cost flow sensors using accelerometers 

Eleni Tracada
Renaturalising the water courses: dynamic interactions between communities and nature.
Vitor Sousa
A D(r)ying River: the Upper Paiva

Sofia Abrantes                     
Technical solutions for water reuse in a social and cultural center

Technical Committee Showcase
Lutz Johnen           
Water Reuse & Surface Water Management Committee 

Industry session 1: Water Labelling in the EU
Yvonne Orgill         
 Water Label: The Journey

Industry Session 2: Micro hydro energy recovery and system control towards smart water grids

Prof Helena Ramos       
Introduction and summary of session 
Dr John Gallagher     
Introduction to REDAWN
Engr Rui Silva Santos & Engr Miguel Zilhão 
Water Supply and Distribution Systems - Solving v Mending: Following the trail of Money
Engr Nuno Aleixo
Pump as Turbine
Engr Pedro Perdigão
From Smart Water Grids to Smart Water Utilities
Engr José Saldanha
Microturbines for use in Water Networks

Engr Margarida Pinhão                                                                                    
Válvulas de Controlo e Potencial de Recuperação de Energia em Sistemas de Abastecimento de Água(Control Valves and Potential Energy Recovery in Water Systems)

Session 7:  Water efficiency in all sectors; domestic, industry, agriculture etc.

Marcus Campos   
Potential of Rainwater Harvesting In A Brazilian Neighbourhood
Karen Simpson
Water consumption, conservation and showering by young adults – moving beyond the individual towards a techno-social approach to reducing the water demand of cleanliness
Ricardo Cobacho 
Development of a noise-sensing device for water end-uses monitoring
Richard Beattie
Legionella Risk in Domestic Water Services

Rita Pombo                                                                                    
Environmental benefits from water efficient taps
Session 8: Water-energy, water-energy-food nexus
António Cunha  
WATERS: A system architecture for acquire dwellings water & energy consumptions 
Oriana Landa-Cansigno
Water-Energy-Pollutant Nexus Assessment of Water Reuse Strategies in Urban Water Systems using Metabolism Based Approach
Cristina Matos
ENERWAT PROJECT: some preliminary results
Pedro Cardoso 
Skills for Water Efficiency and Water-Energy Nexus in Building Construction and Retrofit 
Fernanda Rodrigues                                                         
Nexus between Water-Energy Efficiency in University Buildings: A Case Study

Poster presentations
Ricardo Cobacho
Segmentation vs Pressure Sensing: A decision support system to obtain the best alternative for water leakage detection in water distribution networks.
Joseph Thomas
Provision of free public drinking water in UK cities
James Dunn
Big Data in the Water Sector
Yusuf Ucar                                                                  
Use of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems in Irrigation Performance: A Case Study of Atabey Irrigation Scheme

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