Water Reuse

The scope of activities of the Water Reuse Technical Committee are:
  • Water reuse codes and standards;
  • Water reuse technologies, their costs and maintenance;
  • Information sharing and awareness;
  • Uptake: short, medium and long term actions to promote mainstream integration.

Surface Water Management

The Technical Committee agreed that before the scope could be agreed, a definition of “Surface Water Management” needed to be agreed. 

  • It was agreed that the committee members should look at everything potentially up to and including greywater recycling where relevant as not limiting the scope allows innovative, longer term solutions to be included.   
  • The committee members agreed that a sensible first step, and deliverable would be to map out who the relevant players related to surface water management are. A useful deliverable would be a map with links to the different players, perhaps those who have guidance, legislation, or are stakeholders in surface water management / Sustainable Drainage activities (both urban and rural). The aim would be to produce a useful and digestible report clearly showing the different perspectives, building on the first deliverable.
  • The natural second activity, once all players have been identified, is to look at the different perspectives each stakeholder has and their aim/ambition for surface water management. This would enable the committee members to look at where there are significant differences in outlook and different advantages and disadvantages perceived.