Water Recycling and Reuse event

Greywater recycling site visit and tour
Free event hosted by Waterscan

Kings Cross Premier Inn, 50 Wharfedale Rd, Kings Cross  N1 9FA

Date: Thursday, 27 July at 11.30 am

The Water Reuse and Surface Water Management Technical Committee site visit and tour of the "On Demand" greywater recycling system installed at the brand new Kings Cross Premier Inn.
This is one of Premier Inn’s larger ‘Hub’ hotels which are of pod construction allowing much larger numbers of rooms to be built very quickly. In this case it is a 387 bed hotel. The system is innovative and works at higher pressures than those of a standard batch system, allowing the treatment of larger volumes of greywater per day without the need to store very large volumes of treated water.

During this trip Waterscan explained to delegates how the system works, and delegates saw the installation in-situ in the plant room and preview the data on the HMI display. 

 - The "On Demand" grey water treatment plant  - Grey water storage tank in plant room