Conference 2013 Speakers

 Prof. David Butler  
Director of the Centre for Water Systems and Professor of Water Engineering, University of Exeter, UK.    
Title: Water efficiency in an era of weather extremes

We face a growing problem justifying the need for water efficiency measures when the public faces news of floods on an increasingly regular basis.  This talk considers whether a new approach is needed in an era of weather extremes and discusses whether rainwater harvesting (RWH) might have a new role.  It is argued that water management interventions need to have multi-functional benefits that tackle both droughts and floods. RWH is considered in the light of this in terms of benefits for water efficiency, surface water management, energy/carbon and system resilience.  Some innovations in RWH design are also discussed.
Prof. Butler specialises in urban water management. He has over a 30 year career has authored/co-authored over 200 technical papers, in addition to 12 books, reports and proceedings. He is co-editor-in-chief of the Urban Water Journal and a fellow of ICE, CIWEM and IWA. He is a current holder of an EPSRC established career fellowship.

Other Speakers

Andrew Tucker, Energy saving trust

We’re in an interesting time for water and energy agendas.  Green Deal/ECO delivery schemes being offered, new water regulations and business plans rapidly being written, and a fiscal environment warranting costs reductions throughout our operational building stock.  So let's look at progress being made on water & energy co-delivery, the new Housing Standards for water coming soon to a building near you, and a water efficiency challenge!