Proceedings 2014

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 Key note lecture: Why Water Efficiency Matters: Ian Barker, Water Policy International [   Download]   

Special Conference Session   - Water Reuse in the UK 

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Alison Maydom      Reviewing the Evidence for Grey and Rainwater Harvesting

 Donna McInnes       Scope of Work

Kevin Reed              How Do We Regulate the Water Reuse Industry

Hamilton Scanlon   How Greywater Systems Have Developed (Dispelling the Myths)

Neil Pendle               Commercial Greywater Recycling

Phil Barnard              Public Awareness and Engagement

Presenter Paper Title
Claire Hoolohan Emerging trajectories in sustainable water consumption: Same old, same old or an altogether more collective approach to collective action?
Dexter Robinson Beyond the water efficiency calculators
Olivier Neu Utilising Time of Use Surveys to Predict Water Demand Profiles of Residential Building Stocks FOR DOMESTIC HOT WATER
Phil Barnard, Ben Earl
Retrofitting for water efficiency: A hotel case study
Abdullahi Ahmed The Potential of Rain Water Harvesting for Increasing Building and Urban Resilience: A Case Study of Coventry University and Coventry City Centre
Aaron Burton
Progress in Water Conservation from April 2010 to April 2013 in England
Richard Malloy Understanding the impacts of drought restrictions
Ikenna Ajiero Water-Energy Nexus: Problems and Prospects for the UK
Killian Spain Is decentralisation of water supply the future for the water industry?
James Jenkins An exploration of consumer attitudes toward water conservation measures
Erwin Nolde Decentralised Water and Energy Recycling in Buildings: A Cornerstone for Water, Energy and CO2 Emissions Reduction
Ephraim Danladi Urbanization and Water insecurity in Nigeria: A Study of Abuja Metropolis, Nigeria.
Dexter Robinson Review of Attitudes and Preferences for Water Efficiency in Homes
Matthew Smith
Monitoring Drainage Water Quality during Green Roof Irrigation Trials using Synthetic Greywater
Christopher Johnston
ANSWER - An EU funded project to encourage the use of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow for bioremediation
Susanne Charlesworth Decision-Making and Sustainable Drainage: Design and Scale
Beatrice Smyth SRC willow for managing wastewater effluent – is it an energy efficient solution when compared with a conventional waste water treatment works?
Nigel Bamford WATERBLADE
Mindy Hadi    
Water Efficiency Interventions in a Non-Domestic Building - Technical versus Behavioural Change
Mary Gearey Participation or “Exploitation”: How Can Concepts of Community and Privatisation Coalesce around Water Efficiency Approaches?
Andrew Tucker Thames Water – Supersize my WEFF!
Keith Ponsonby Quantifying Flushes, Gushes and Slushes Or The challenges of Evidencing Water Savings Arising from Water Efficiency Interventions
Garry Moore