WATEF Newsletter February 2018

REDAWN - Reducing Energy Dependency in Atlantic area Water Networks

The WATEF network is part of a research consortium project called REDAWN.

REDAWN is a new 3-year European project funded by the Atlantic Area. It aims to improve the energy efficiency of water networks through the installation of innovative micro-hydropower (MHP) technology. This technology has the potential to recover wasted energy in existing pipe networks across irrigation, public water supply, the process industry and wastewater network settings.

The REDAWN project brings together 15 partners from across the Atlantic Area.  The project is co-financed  by  the  European  Regional  Development  Fund  through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.

The REDAWN project team are very excited to invite WATEF members to a launch event in beautiful Saint-Pair sur Mer, Normandy to celebrate the start of their innovative project to investigate the possibilities of micro-hydro power technology.

This event is an opportunity to meet colleagues from across the Atlantic Area water industry, in beautiful Normandy.

Places are limited, so register before 9 February
  to attend in person or via webinar/ live-stream.

News from the Network

Aveiro, Portugal featuring the colourful Moliceiros and the Art Deco architecture as a backdrop
(reproduced under Creative Commons license)


Announcing a new open-source journal partner for the WATEF Conference 2018 

We are pleased to announce two special issues for this year's water efficiency conference as follows:

We also welcome OLI, Adene - Agencia para a Energia, and Agencia Portuguesa do Abientia as sponsors for this year's conference. Other sponsors and exhibitors welcome.

The abstract deadline has passed but full papers can be submitted until 30 March 2018.
Early registration closes by 30 March 2018.
Hope to see you in lovely Aveiro in September.

Creating the Digital Story of Water Sector - Wholesale/Retail Separation - 23 November 2017

This event was organised by the Service Innovation Technical Committee  and held at Arup's offices in London.  Through the lens of keynote presentations and an interactive workshop on 23 November, the Service Innovation Technical Committee explored perspectives on water sector market opening from April 2017.

As you are reading this, the digital story 'Opening The Water Market: a Conversation' is working its way through the 'cutting room' and should be hot off the press early next month - keep watching this space! We'll also be releasing a film of the keynote presentations, to complement the event presentations published on the technical committee pages. Finally, a paper synthesizing the what, when, why and what next since market opening took hold will be presented at the conference in Aveiro - Register now!

Our thanks are extended to Martin Shouler and his team at Arup, London for their support for this event and its outputs.

Introducing the Water-Energy Nexus Committee

We are pleased to announce a new technical committee on the water-energy nexus, led by WATEF network members Steve Brown and Dr Aonghus McNabola. This committee is open for new members, contact us, to join.

A special session on Water/Energy nexus will take place at this year's WATEF conference.

Information and activities about other network technical committees can be found here: https://www.watefnetwork.co.uk/67 

Other news and events

News From WIRC/ Upcoming Events at University of Bath

15 February 2018:       
Water treatment and resource recovery modelling by Dr Benedek Plosz
13 March 2018:       Joint WIRC/Chemical Engineering Seminar by Dr Antoine Kemperman

19 April 2018:         

Water and Sediment: A Cascade across Scales by Professor Alistair Borthwick
Please note that all these events are free and open to all.

Historical Flood Events in Bath

Research currently undertaken within the Research Unit for Water, Environment and Infrastructure Resilience (WEIR) sheds light on the utility of re-constructed flood flow data derived from historical evidence for enhancing contemporary flood risk assessment. Read more about the interdisciplinary project and the associated public engagement activities.

Just a small piece of paper can make water consumption safer

A revolutionary microbial-based paper sensor has been developed by researchers at the University of Bath, creating a cheap, sustainable and recyclable device for detecting toxic compounds in water. Read the full news article.

Free MOOC: Local Water Solutions for Global Challenges

This free online course provides a useful overview of global water challenges and the means to identify local solutions. Follow this link to sign up.

15 MSCA Early Stage Research vacancies available

RECOMS is a Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission (2018-2022). RECOMS is comprised of a transdisciplinary consortium of scientists, practitioners and change agents from eleven public, private and non-profit organisations, located in six European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, Germany and The Netherlands.

Click here For further information on the RECOMS project, eligibility, application procedure and list of all 15 Early Stage Researcher posts available across the hosting institutions.

Closing date: 1 March 2018

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Mrs Eleanor Eaton (Network Coordinator)
Dr Kemi Adeyeye (Lead - WATEF Network)