WATEF Newsletter October 2017

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WATEF 2017 Events: In conjunction with our Technical Committees we have arranged the following event:
  • "Creating the Digital Story of Water Sector Wholesale/Retail Separation"  In April 2017, without much fuss or fanfare, it became possible for about 1.2 million businesses in England to choose who supplies their water, and switch between retail service providers to suit their needs. This change reflects what happens in the energy sector where the same infrastructure is used to deliver the same resources. However, the customer/service interface, pricing etc. is different.  The Scottish Business Stream experience suggests that the benefit of retail competition in the water sector could include better quality and customised customer service, better value of water, competitive pricing to suit business needs and improved water efficiency. 

    This event is designed to take stock of what has happened so far.  Keynote speakers - Trevor Nelson, Lois Vallely and Aaron Burton -  will present the issues from their viewpoints and experience. But more importantly, participants will help to construct a visual/graphical account (digital story) of what has happened so far, and their anticipated effects in the water sector in the short, medium and long-term. 

    This event is organised by the Service Innovation committee of the WATEF Network, chaired by Dr Sarah Ward.   The event is FREE please click here to register and to see the full programme.
    WATEF Conference 2018 (#WATEFConf2018) 5th to 7th September 2018, Aveiro, Portugal

    This will be the 5th WATEF conference and our first international conference please submit your abstracts by 4th December 2017. 

    The call for Papers can be found here. There will be plenty of opportunities for delegates to network during the conference itself and during the programme of social events which traditionally form a key part of any WATEF Conference. The delegate fees will include a drinks reception, a gala dinner and a special "mystery" excursion. 

External news and events

  • Safe & SuRe an EPSRC fellowship project led by Professor David Butler, which aims to develop a new paradigm for urban water management in the UK in response to emerging challenges and global uncertainties, will be hosting an event in London on the evening of 22 November 2017.
    • The event will be held at the Anomalous Space, Islington, N1 from 18.15 to 20.15 and is free to enter.  Please e-mail Kate Baker should you wish to attend. In order to assist their research Safe & SuRe would be very grateful if our members could complete this questionnaire.
Blog and Social Media

Please read our October blog and use #WATEFBLOG when sending your Tweets - thank you!  We would love to hear your watery tales so if you wish to become a WATEF blogger please let us know

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Dr Kemi Adeyeye (Lead - WATEF Network)
Suzy Armsden
 (Coordinator - WATEF Network)