Autumn 2016 Newsletter


Water Efficiency Conference 2016

The 4th annual WATEF conference 
took place at the University of Coventry from 7th - 9th September and attracted a wide number of delegates from both academia and industry.  The conference theme "Water Strategies - 2020 and Beyond" was reflected in many of the presentations and featured in a lively discussion during the panel session chaired by Jacob Tompkins of Waterwise on the opening day.
[Full proceedings, keynote speeches and presentations can be found here]

Anne-Marie Mclaughlin (University of Coventry): "A fantastic opportunity to discuss the challenges we face in water management and to educate each other on the development of innovative solutions."

Prof Lian Lundy (Middlesex University): “interesting and stimulating event: well attended by representatives from a range of sectors”

Tom Lavers (Coventry University): “The conference was an excellent source of information from both academic and industrial spheres, giving a real insight into the long-term hydrological problems we all face."

Prof Chad Staddon (University of West of England): “great meeting everyone -- enjoyed this conference more than any in recent memory!”

The gala dinner was held at St Mary's Guildhall. Highlihts included an engaging talk by Prof David Butler of Exeter University and an update from Chloe Whipple on her water challenge of using just 15 litres of Water per day for 1 year. The evening concluded with the presentation of the best student paper, best industry paper and best overall paper prizes sponsored by Neoperl. The prizes were presented by Bryan Bartlett, the company's representative. Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to Neoperl for sponsoring us.

L-R: Bryan Bartlett, Anne-Marie McLaughlin

 L-R: Bryan Bartlett, Chris Newton

L-R: Bryan Bartlett, Peter Melville-Shreeve, David Butler
All event photos will be uploaded to the website shortly. Please share 3 of your best conference photographs with us.

  The WATEF Conference is going global...

Future conferences will be held bi-annually and the next WATEF conference will take place in 2018 hosted by our friends Carla Rodrigues and Armando Silva Afonso (ANQIP), in Portugal.

Please stay tuned to learn more about the conference location, Aveiro, and our plans for the next WATEF conference.

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 Dr Kemi Adeyeye (Lead - WATEF Network)

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